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Do you need aluminum or fiberglass entry doors? Special-Lite has them … plus more!

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Special-Lite has 40+ years of experience manufacturing high quality, eco-friendly, commercial aluminum entrances. We originated the innovative fiberglass (FRP) entry door, on an aluminum chassis, in 1983. Our quality commercial architectural doors and frames withstand energetic use and harsh environments. The SL-17 FRP Door - the perfect illustration of our expertise in commercial door manufacturing.

Aluminum Doors

Our aluminum entrance doors set the standard for superior craftsmanship. They include a narrow and wide stile and rail, aluminum flush, and aluminum plank doors. Special-Lite uses only 100% recycled aluminum. No longer need the door or frame many years from now? Just recycle!

Fiberglass Doors

Special-Lite fiberglass doors have high performance, extended life and easy maintenance. This is true even in high traffic, hard use, and even environmentally challenged locations! That is the reason Special-Lite is the largest volume producer of FRP doors in the United States.

We have two different fiberglass door construction types:

1. FRP Aluminum Doors (sometimes called FRP/Aluminum Hybrid)- These are Fiberglass (FRP) Doors on an Aluminum Frame. The perfect solution for exterior openings that experience a high level of exploitation such as schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, and public buildings.

FRP Infographic

Special-Lite continues making great strides in perfecting our made to order FRP Aluminum door system. The rabbeted FRP face sheets secure to an aluminum chassis. It has mitered, full-width tie rod corner construction. Poured in place urethane core firmly bonds to all components. There are many advantages when you own one of our FRP Aluminum door models. One is they are light in weight for ease of installation. A lighter weight door is also gentler on your hardware.

The SL-17 FRP Aluminum Door is our most popular FRP Aluminum door. Introduced as the School Door, this door stands up to challenging environments. Most doors fail with constant high levels of abuse and high volume traffic, but not this door. The SL-17’s face sheet is SpecLite3® pebble grain FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester). SpecLite3® FRP is long lasting and durable with 12 through colors available. No painting – ever.

We have variety of models available to meet your design, performance and functionality needs. To learn more, select the DOOR circle.

2. Fiberglass Entry Doors - 100% Fiberglass Doors are available in two different manufacturing processes to meet your needs.

Pultrusion Process

  • The Pultruded AF-100 Fiberglass Door is resistant to warping, fading or cracking. These doors are completely sealed against moisture for ease of cleaning and sterilization. The pultrusion process utilizing a high glass content. High glass content guarantees our fiberglass doors are high quality and extremely strong. We are #1. They will never succumb to rust. This hermetically sealed door is the perfect choice for laboratories or sterile facilities. Facilities such as restaurants, food processing, hospitals and water treatment facilities. The AF-100 Door is the only pultruded fiberglass door. The pultrusion process is a door industry-exclusive technique. This technique originally pioneered by Universal Pultrusions, LLC.
  • Our Composite Fiberglass Flush Door factory bonds FRP sheets to pultruded fiberglass chassis. We have three identical design Composite Fiberglass Door models offering door face sheet variety.

Our entrance doors meet or exceed your needs. They are the perfect fit for commercial, governmental, educational, industrial, recreational, or transportation demands.

Why would you want or need any other door?

Extreme Performance Doors

Our doors and thermally broken framing have amazing thermal performance. Do you need Hurricane or HVHZ doors? Many models have Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade County, or Texas Department of Insurance approvals. Contact Special-Lite for more information. We have coordinating entry products for your fire rated locations.

Aluminum and Fiberglass Door Frames

Please examine our framing products. Select Framing & Panels above to look at our aluminum and fiberglass frame products.

Interior Products

Omega is a type II interior aluminum frame product. Using Omega allows daylight to filter through these office partitions. The aluminum and glass partitions are modern, clean, and quick to install.

Interior Aluminum Framed Doors add privacy to your office glass partition walls. These doors look and perform great in any interior location for 1-3/4” door. You can choose narrow, medium or wide stile models.

Fiberglass (FRP) Restroom Partition System is ideal for educational, industrial, and commercial locations. The Partitions are designed to endure punishment and hard use. Surface is easy to clean or sterilize.

Aluminum and FRP Entrance Doors

Since 1971 Special-Lite has engineered and manufactured custom fabricated commercial aluminum entrance door systems and architectural product solutions. For over 40 years Architects, General Contractors, and Facility Managers have relied on Special-Lite for quality engineered, high-performance entrance systems, designed to hold up under extreme use and abuse, delivering the lowest total life cycle cost.

Special-Lite is recognized for its expertise in the processing and production of aluminum and FRP entrance doors and door frames. Our comprehensive product portfolio has solved a broad set of needs in both standard and custom applications for interior and exterior entrance door requirements. From our heavy duty commercial aluminum entrance doors and interior glass framing systems, our industry leading fiberglass flush door family of products, to our interior aluminum glass office fronts, we offer an extensive best-in-class product offering.

Our standard and custom products support most any building type, with special expertise in educational, governmental, healthcare, food/chemical/pharmaceutical production, retail, commercial office space, and or large event or sports venues.

Special-Lite offers a wide variety of products to solve your door entrance challenges.

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