Related Items Special-Lite® Aluminum Flush Doors — Lightweight Beauty, But Not Light Duty

When aesthetic considerations are as important as ease of maintenance and long life, Special-Lite® SL-16 Aluminum Flush Doors are the perfect answer. They provide an attractive, easy-care option for applications where reduced glass area is desired, but only moderate abuse tolerance is required. They offer excellent design flexibility and feature an elegant, contemporary look that's particularly well suited for commercial, educational, restaurant and retail facility applications subjected to moderate to heavy traffic.

Challenging environmental conditions such as high humidity or corrosive chemicals that quickly destroy hollow metal doors are not a problem for our SL-16. This makes it the ideal choice for water and wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities. It is also available with stainless steel face sheets (SL-16SS) for sanitary environments such as hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens, and in smaller sizes with closed top and bottom rails (SL-165) for bathroom and shower stall doors.

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