Special-Lite® FRP Doors—the First and Still the Best

Special-Lite pioneered Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Flush Doors in 1981 to meet the extreme demands of the school market. Our FRP doors offer trouble-free performance and long-lasting beauty in the most challenging interior and exterior entrance applications. Remarkably durable, they can withstand heavy traffic, abuse, or adverse environmental conditions—and continue to look like new for many years. Unlike metal or wood doors, they will never rust, corrode, crack, split, peel, or rot. With FRP face sheets the color goes through so scratches won't be obvious. When you consider total lifecycle cost, Special-Lite® FRP Flush Doors are the first choice for lasting value.

We Offer a Broad Family of FRP Models.
High Performance Special-Lite SL-17 and SL-175 Pebblegrain FRP Flush Doors are built tough enough to withstand decades of abuse from the roughest door users imaginable—kids. They've become the door of choice for schools because they can handle the most extreme use, abuse, and vandalism, while requiring only occasional cleaning. They're also ideal where corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are required, or where bumps or scrapes can be expected such as service entrances or loading docks. Correctional or institutional toilet and shower door requirements call for the SL-175, a smaller version of the SL-17 with closed top and bottom rails. read

Our SL-20 Sandstone-textured FRP Flush Door features the same construction as our SL-17, but is better suited in entrances not expected to see deliberate abuse or vandalism. read

Our SL-21 Fire-Rated FRP-Clad Door is a perfect complement to our FRP entrance doors for applications that require a fire-rated door. read