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storefront Special-Lite® 10-30 Series Insert Frames and SL-70 Capping provide a fast, economical way to complete building renovations when replacing doors but not framing. Special-Lite Insert Frames and Capping enhance the appearance and functionality of any entrance, while minimizing disruptions in your operations. They are an ideal solution for maintaining building integrity during historic preservation projects. Our broad line of tube frame products should be used for renovations when replacing old framing as well.

Special-Lite 10-30 Series Insert Framing provides a means of returning door openings to a plumb and square condition to prepare the entrance for new doors. If existing framing is still solid but too unsightly to leave exposed, our SL-70 Capping System can be used with our 10-30 Series Insert Frames to cover up the old frame.

Our 10-30 Series Insert Framing (with or without our SL-70 Capping System) can be used with any of our fire-rated doors when used in conjunction with a fire-rated hollow metal frame. Tested in accordance with UBC 7-2, NFPA 225, and UL 10C requirements for interior applications, both products have passed the 1-1/2 hour positive pressure test, hose stream test, and 250°F (121°C) temperature rise tests to achieve Warnock Hersey listing for fire-rating applications in the United States.

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